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Adolescent Services

More and more pressures face our teenagers and young adults in today’s society. Navigating effective mental health care can be challenging when trying to find the right provider and right type of treatment. It’s important to find therapists who are able to tailor their treatment to best address the specific needs of adolescents and their families.

At NYCBT, we use well-researched treatments to improve the lives of the struggling teens in your life. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) are two approaches that can help teens and their families make meaningful changes in their lives. These treatments provide adolescents with the knowledge to understand their emotions, skills to change unhelpful ways of thinking, and strategies to change problematic behaviors and improve communication.

To learn more about our Comprehensive Adolescent DBT Program, please click here.

Our team is here to collaborate with you in order to address your family’s specific concerns and help prepare your teen to better cope with the challenges they face. Contact Dr. Kyle Haney at or call 646-653-0933 to learn more.

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