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Our DBT Program

At NYCBT, we offer a comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy program which includes three components: DBT skills training group, individual therapy, and telephone coaching. If you are interested in learning more about our adolescent DBT program, please click here. We also offer an optional advanced DBT graduate group for clients who have completed DBT skills training and wish to continue developing and applying these skills. Based on an initial assessment session with one of our directors, a personalized treatment plan will be developed to address each client's specific goals and needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like additional information regarding our DBT program.

DBT Skills Training Group

In DBT, one of our goals is for you to learn and develop skills to increase your ability to control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. These skills are taught in an educational group format, much like a classroom setting. DBT skills training groups meet on a weekly basis for 90 minutes, and we offer several groups to accommodate scheduling needs as well as to maintain smaller group sizes. Please note that while we welcome clients who are interested only in participating in our DBT skills training groups, all group members must also have an individual therapist even if that therapist is not at NYCBT.

Individual DBT Therapy

As the focus in DBT skills training group is on learning skills, individual DBT therapy sessions are where you will have the opportunity to deal more directly with the issues that personally affect you. Your therapist will work with you to address the problems that are causing suffering in your life, as well as help you work towards building a life that feels more satisfying and fulfilling. Clients typically meet with their individual DBT therapist for weekly 45 minute sessions, though this will be determined based on the client's individual treatment plan.

Telephone Coaching

As we can't plan ahead for every challenge or problem that may arise, clients with an individual DBT therapist are offered the ability to call for telephone coaching on an as-needed basis. With telephone coaching you will have the opportunity to get suggestions from your therapist in "real time" so that you can more effectively deal with any difficulties that arise between sessions.

Advanced DBT Graduate Group


As many clients wish to continue working on their DBT skills after completing DBT skills training group, we offer an optional advanced DBT graduate group. This group has a less formal structure than DBT skills training group, as the group agenda is determined based on the needs of specific group members. Group members then work together with each other and the group leader to help develop strategies and solutions to the issues discussed. The advanced DBT graduate group meets for 90 minutes every two weeks.

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