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New Moms Group

Pregnancy and having a baby are often fraught with many mixed emotions. The sleep deprivation and hormonal changes increase our vulnerability to anxiety and depression. Additionally, often our expectations for how we “should” feel and what we do feel do not align, which can bring up emotions of sadness, guilt and anxiety. All of this can trickle over and affect work, relationships, and other aspects of our lives.


Through our New Moms group, you will become more effective at implementing skills to help you get through emotionally challenging situations. You will become aware of the relationship between your thinking, mood and behavior, and learn tools to improve your mood, navigate challenges, and cope with the uncertainty that comes with a new baby.


The New Moms group might be the right fit for you if:

  • You have not been feeling “like yourself” since having your baby

  • You notice an increase in feelings of sadness, anxiety or guilt

  • You are having difficulty caring for yourself or your baby


  • The stress of having a new baby is negatively impacting your relationships

  • You are often feeling irritable


Contact Dr. Ayla Sitt at or call 646-653-0933 to learn more.

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