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Adolescent DBT Program

Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Adolescents is best suited for young adults who are suffering from frequent shifts and changes in mood, difficulty managing hard emotions, a deficit in effective coping strategies, struggles in managing communication with family and peers, identity confusion, impulsivity, and suicidal thoughts or self-injurious behavior. There is an abundance of research indicating strong support for DBT as an effective treatment approach for adolescents and their families trying to target multiple emotional and behavioral problems, build a foundation of coping skills, and foster a better quality of life.

In our DBT-A program, your child will:

  • meet with their individual therapist once weekly

  • attend a DBT skills training group with at least one parent for 90 minutes weekly

  • utilize between-session phone coaching with their individual therapist

  • have their therapist participate in a weekly consultation team with other therapists at NYCBT

Our adolescent DBT program is geared towards teens in high school and their families. Including the family in treatment is essential in making lasting behavioral changes in your teen and in their interactions with you. Family sessions and parent coaching will be included as needed, depending on the needs of your child and family.

Contact Dr. Kyle Haney at or call 646-653-0933 to learn more.

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